Monday, January 12, 2009

Finally a decision

Well we have finally decided that we are definately going to build the Cooper by Henley. There are a few questions about how we would like to change things but we will get to that. What we need to do now is wait for our mortgage broker to get back from holidays which is next week i think and then we can apply for the loan extension and get the ball moving. Hopefully we can meet with our consultant at henley this weekend or early next week and discuss the finer details! It all becoming so exciting... a few days ago I was over building a house full stop!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New house design again!

Well went and had the Carinya sited as we decided we didn't like the other two and guess what it doesn't fit! The 15m version fits just but won't allow us to have an alfresco on the side and my darling partner requires his shed out the bak so we can't but it there and im not going to deprive him of the shed. So now we have found the Cooper which required us to reverse the garage and mast bedroom but has been sited on the block and is looking pretty promising thank god its about time. i think 6 months of looking at houses has gotten to me but i love the cooper and hopefully we can go and discuss options as we want to put an alfresco on the cooper aswell just hope its available where we want it or we will be back to square 1!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

new house design

Well last night my darling partner decided how about we look at something slightly smaller... so here goes i sit on the computer for hours and come up with 3 more options - henley - carinya, simonds - lumino and burbank - courbold. Went and looked at the carinya today and im absolutely in love wth it - the sales guy showed me all my options for changes and i made a fair few and the house is coming in $17k cheaper than any of the others and its still a 26sq house... So hoping darling partner will go with me Sat to look at it and love it just as much as i do and then one problem will be solved with many more to come i can imagine..... i just can't wait to have a house decided on!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

How it all started & where we are at

Ok well it all started one day when i decided a block of land looked good. Went up to Mernda/Doreen and looked at several estates and many of which i didn't even know existed. I found Eminenece estate which i really liked and went back to my partner and suggested we look well all went well and we bough a block in Eminence estate in Doreen. Signed our contracts on the 2nd of July 2008 and the land finally settled on the 11th December 2008.

Now we have been looking at house plans and are stuck between Porter Davis - Heywood, Henley Verve - Eve and Watersun Homes - Scarborough.

We are hoping to start building late this year. I just can't wait to be in our own place. Since buying the land we have come across a few issues. Initially the land was advertised as 607m2 but when looking through contracts a bit deeper its o nly 589m2 and 3 other blocks around us had changed aswell. The developer agreed to give us a $2000 rebate at settlement. Since settlement we have recieve an amended rates notice which is all good and well but we paid the developer $120 at settlement for the rates they had supposedly paid. Now the council are telling me I must pay them that because the developer hasn't paid them. I have spoken to my conveyancer who has been fantastic and they have documentation that they rates were paid by the developer and we should only have to pay more because its now a block. So I am yet to go back to the council and see what they have to say now!

Sorry for the essay hopefully cant pick a house and start filling you in on that.

Cheers Jacinta