Monday, June 22, 2009

Ok well it has been a while and i'll try and bring you back up to speed!

We have a roof:

Networking cables:
Plaster is in:

Still waiting on bricks to be finished and today they were still working when I went up at 6pm finishing the plaster... its all going so quickly!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bricks sorted hopefully for the last time and frame done!

Well after thinking our bricks were sorted it was a "NO" they couldn't get them either so asked us to pick from Boral or Austral... So today we headed over to Cosham interiors and got downt o 2 bricks. It was between Raheen and Mocha both by Boral! We headed off to boral to look at their walls before we made a final decision and finally decided on Raheen even though it is a category 5 upgrade. So hopefully tomorrow we will recieve our building variation and they will be ordered.

In the mean time our framing is finished, gutters and fascia are done and windows and door frames are in.