Thursday, April 30, 2009

Unconditional Approval and Site Start!!!

Well got the call we had been waiting for we have unconditional approval..... Then Henley rang and said we just need to sign a form saying that we are happy for them to start building with out us complying with Clause 13 of the contract at this stage as we havent supplied them with our signed loan documents... they are offerring this to speed up the process aslong as we supply the documents to them in a timely manner which should be next week anyway before they start. Oh and out site start should be 2 weeks time no definate day yet they just said 10 days so im assuming working days and that it will be 14th or 15th of May! Im so excited now.....

Also in the phone call from Henley apparently the site supervisor went out to the block and believes that one of our pegs was missing but DP went up and they were all there, one was just covered by a bit fo dirt.... that was a relief. They also said some rubbish needed to be removed from the block. So I got onto Simonds as they are building next door and had left a pile of concrete on our block and surprisingly it was gone when I went up there tonight the rest of the rubbish god knows where it came from and some was from the council as a pipe must have burst in our nature strip and they repaired it but left their mess.... So I have just spent 45mins cleaning the block and then more time trying to squeeze it all in the bin here at home thank god its bon day tomorrow! Well end of the essay for today lets see what the next few weeks hold!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bank valuation in!!

Well i spoke to the broker tonight and our valuation came through yesterday at 370k... which is good very happy with it... its more than we have paid for the land and the house but not quite as much after we add in carpet, driveway, fencing and tiles but we can deal with that......

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good news today!!!

Firstly in response to yesterdays rant - I spoke to our family friend and he is still over seeing all of his files until they are complete but has definately left. He thought the new person taking over my file who is the principal of the business would have informed me. Anyways dropped in all the information they require and copies of everything today and it all seems good to go again just waiting on the bank to do their bit of which i did notice in my netbank there was a new account number there but it was unable to show any anymore details so hoping its the home loan which means they are working on it!

Other good news today was I got a phone call from my administrator to tell me that our Developer Approval has come through so we are one step closer!!! YAY! Oh and forgot to say the other day we have had an excavator/bulldozer thing sitting on our block for the last week im thinking it awfully early to be there for ours but we will soon see!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Ok before I start ranting went and paid infrastructure levy today so we can move along with getting our building permit sent that off to henley so that parts all good.

Then I went to the brokers to drop off the first home owners grant paperwork and copies of out birth certificates and i have been dealing with the boss for the last 2 weeks so i asked if my broker who is a family friend was on holidays and got tolf no he no longer worked for them.... now for starters I would have liked to have been told this. Then he proceeds to tell me I also had to get part of my contract certified aswell as both of our drivers licences! I wish he would have just told me this from square one because it now means i have to go get more things certified and go back there tomorrow to drop them off. Oh and whilst I was there he told me im too hard to get onto and never return calls well he has left me 2 messages of which i have replied to both whether it be that evening or the next day so i just said to him I was sorry i did not have a 9-5 job and he then tried to cover up he was joking!!! Ahhh sooo pissed off right now! I knew everything had been going too smoothly to be real! Well hopefully when I drop it all off tomorrow its all done and works out! Sorry bout the rant!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well yesterday we went and signed our contracts!!! They are all done yay best birthday present ever! Ou CSC is going to apply for our building permit today and order our final drawings! I'm, off soon to drop in contracts to the broker! Lets just hope this last bit runs smoothly can't wait till site start and I can actually see something happening!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Contract Signing Cancelled

Got a phone call at about 2pm today from our administrator stating she had to cancel our contract signing tonight as due to the weather they had lost power and were unable to complete our signing. Now I have to call back on monday to organise another time to do it which is a bit of a pain as we had organised for time off work etc but i guess its something we have no control over! I just hope we get slotted in somewhere and don't have to wait weeks!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Contracts arrived

Well yesterday we recieved the contracts in the mail and my god is there alot to initial and sign. We have our contract appointment tomorrow of which im quite nervous abot don't know why though but very excited at the same time! Luckily for us eveything has been right in the contracts which I think is a rarity these days!