Sunday, July 26, 2009

Here are the pics from this week, painting is 75% done, benchtops in and bricks are clean and render done!


  1. Hi CiNny,

    Very good progress.
    We are building with Henley too(hopefully). I just saw in one of other post that your is too a corner block with a splay. Our is same, i have been having problems to fit the house and kind of frustrated with Henley, as I didn't know the rule of setback from the splay. I was wondering if you can help and share some info on your siting.
    what is your block dimension?


  2. our block is 14m with a 4m splay essentially the block is 16m wide where the house sits which is 5.5m setback... we don;t have a set back from the splay! we had to flip the front of the house in order for it to fit better on our block to make the living areas out towards the side road rather than down the dead side!